Letter From The Executive Director

July 2002

Dear Friends:

This is a difficult letter to write this year. So much has happened since the end of fiscal year 2001 (September 31, 2001) that it seems almost pointless to speak of the world today in terms of pre-September 11th.

These are the beginning of new and challenging times. In every area of need – health, housing, hunger, and support for children and families – fundraisers and social service providers are faced with increasing requests for assistance and a desperate need for social services.

AIDS is just one of many issues facing those who are most vulnerable among us. It has become a disease closely linked to poverty, isolation, and the struggle with addiction. It is increasingly a scourge of minority communities in our cities and a quiet but equally debilitating secret in our well-off suburban and often assumed-to-be unaffected rural communities. Unfortunately at the same time, government and foundation support for the food banks, housing programs, case management, and family services is decreasing.

This year’s annual report records of a tremendous amount of generous, good work. But we cannot rest on well-remembered laurels. Never has there been a point in our history that BC/EFA’s unique ability to fundraise in the theatre community has meant so much to so many – men, women, children, and families facing the challenges of AIDS, hard times, and diminished means.

So as we report to you on what has been accomplished, I ask you please to stay the course with us. We cannot abandon those whose needs we addressed prior to September 11th and who look to us now more than ever before.

Undoubtedly, it will require tremendous commitment to continue to do what we have done now for over 13 years. But with your help, I am confident and determined that BC/EFA will meet the challenges ahead.

Thank you for your continued support.



Tom Viola
Executive Director